12 Steps to Recovery



The 12 Steps to Recovery

  1. We admitted we had lost our way and needed direction.
  2. We took our courage in our hands and asked for help.
  3. We surrendered to the mystery of life and love – God.
  4. We acknowledged our gifts and our strengths.
  5. We also tackled our weaknesses and failures.
  6. We endured until cured.
  7. We took care and control of our bodies.
  8. We learned to think by reason rather than by feelings and imagination.
  9. We developed will power to do the right thing in spite of our feelings.
  10. We took our responsible and caring place in society.
  11. We grew daily closer to maturity.
  12. We carried GROW’s message to others in need.

The essential GROW Program is summarised in the 12 Steps of Personal GROWth. These steps take us from disorder in varying degrees to a kind of ideal order that is necessary for personal development. They are the accumulated experience of many of those who have experienced Recovery and GROW members recorded and developed since the first meeting in Australia in 1957.

There is a basic order and harmony in the 12 Steps – a sort of logical sequence – but it is not an absolute thing where you complete one and then go on to the next. You are doing them a little bit at a time, with perhaps special attention to the particularly relevant one.