About GROW's Groups

peace of mind


What do we do?

GROW Groups are community based promoting prevention as well as recovery from mental illness, through a unique 12 step programme. Groups provide a sense of belonging, mutual support and friendship.   Its own members run the groups, which are overseen by seasoned trained leaders. Each group’s membership varies in size from 3 to 9 people. Meetings are community based, held weekly, last two hours, and are followed by refreshments.


How do we do it?

At each meeting, there is a practical plan including personal testimonies through the development of a personal development plan called the ‘4 P’s, reports on progress, group work on members’ problems and adult education about rebuilding lives.  

The Personal Development Plan is unique to each individual member achieved through small steps over time. Unhelpful habits are replaced by better habits of thinking, acting and coping. This results in better living and mental wellbeing, new friendships, interests and skills. 

The ‘4 P’s.

  • 1 Person. 
  • 1 Problem.
  • 1 Piece of the Programme.
  • 1 Report on Progress.

Every week each member is working on a very small task specific to that person, which might go on for a long time.  Reports on progress, each member reports to the group every week their progress or lack of it, both important for different reasons.  Group work on members’ problems involves group members making suggestions that they may have found helpful for themselves in a similar situation.  Meetings include personal testimonies, where members show example through their stories/ testimonies in sharing their own experiences.  A section is included on adult education involving helpful suggestions about rebuilding lives.  Between meetings members keep in touch through friendly phone calls, a variety of organised socials and regular training days.

Group membership is anonymous, non-denominational and open to all. No membership fees or dues are charged, no introductions or referrals are needed, just come along.