History of GROW





GROW began in Sydney, Australia, in 1957 when a number of people experiencing mental health issues came together to find a way back to normal living and happiness. At that time there was very little community support for mental health. One of the few support groups was Alcoholics Anonymous and many joined this to aid their recovery. From there, a small group of AA members decided to develop their own 12 step program specifically for mental wellness.

Besides using their own resources and helping one another, they resolved to record and keep the insights, attitude and practical helps that worked for them, This was the origin of a small booklet,  “Journeying to Mental Health", and an accompanying Group Method used by GROW Members at all the groups attracted more and more people who had problems.  The scope was enlarged of their movement to include prevention as well as rehabilitation. It is now an international Mental Health movement, GROW in New Zealand, was formed in 1965 and in Ireland in 1969.

This accumulation of shared experience has enriched the lives of many thousands of GROW Members, their families  and  communities with a unique store of understanding of what mental health is, how it is impaired and lost, and how it can be regained.