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GROW is first and foremost a Mental Health Organisation.

GROW being a 12 step program, is spiritual. It recognizes the inherent worth of persons and the need we all have to trust ourselves, namely to have soundly based self-confidence.

It is understood, that for some a strong religious belief is essential to support and aid their recovery.  Others while spiritual, have no strong beliefs or alternative beliefs or are non-believers. This is seen as a private matter left entirely up to individual members.  The newer version of ‘Journeying to Mental Health tries to accommodate this.  Where there are alternative non-religious recitation options for members/groups to use and it is up to the leader of the group on the day which one they use.  GROW does not discriminate in any way, both religious and non-faith believing people are welcome to attend GROW

All GROW members are encouraged to live life up to their highest values or their own beliefs.  GROW does not have any affiliation with any particular church or denomination.